I find most political discussion to be focused solely on current issues with little attention paid to the great political thinkers. I am planning on doing educational articles that will hopefully help people develop knowledge so they can become more effective political thinkers themselves. I will be covering information to help determine policy mainly, and very little on election candidates.  

The Prince in Hell: Machavelli’s Legacy

The Decline of Honour: Honour as Political Policy

George Carlin’s incredible 3 minute speech

Also I will write about my thoughts on topics you would expect in a section labelled politics. I’ll also talk about social issues. I feel it is important to feel cultural currents to understand policy. 

Feel free to comment. No sign up is needed and no comment needing moderation unlike other word press blogs! I am tough enough to handle the fact people may have different opinions than mine.

I am open to any recommendations from my readers. If you want to see a certain topic covered feel free to comment. Please explain your reasoning for the recommendation.

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