New Strings: A Guitar Post

Before I started boxing I played lots of guitar. I am no virtuoso but I was able to get good enough that I was satisfied with my progress in music. It seems to be  a common thing where you go through a period where you don’t play music at all for a year or so….

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

This is one of the best albums I’ve listened to in a long time. So many good songs on it. Julian Casablancas, the singer of The Strokes, has been improving steadily as a musician. There is a world of difference between the current stuff and early strokes in terms of complexity and musicianship. The album is…

The 80/20 Rule or The Pareto Principle

I was talking to someone at the gym today and said 80% of your gains will come from 20% of the exercises and he seemed surprised. I explained the 80/20 rule to him and figured it would make for a good post today.  I feel most of your gains with a barbell will come from…

George Carlin Sums it All Up

This is the most educational, thought provoking, passionate speech I’ve seen.

This guy knows how to think and play on emotions. I hope to be as good at self-expression as he is one day.

Thoughts on Chess

  Chess is an iconic game of the western intellectual. It is simple to learn the rules but very hard to master. Since most people know how to play it but don’t understand the game on a deeper level I thought I would try to explain it. I am a decent player (1580 on…

SonyMDR-ZX110NA Review

Merry Christmas! I tried to stay up so I could meet Santa and get a picture of his sleigh and reindeer this year. I saved alcoholic beverages specifically for him. I even had non-alcoholic options if he’s concerned about DUI. I ended up falling asleep before he came but when I woke up he brought me some new headphones! I didn’t write him a letter and somehow he knew I wanted a new pair.

The Reserve | Book Discussion

I liked the concept a lot. If this is considered the author’s bad work his other books must be really good. I would rate The Reserve highly partly because I had very low expectations when I started (it was a buck, the cover wasn’t that interesting and I never heard of Russell Banks).

Awesome Musings

Free content isn’t really free since consuming it takes up time and is an opportunity cost. The artist must develop himself such that the experience they provide is worth more than the time it takes to consume it. Any extra value can be monetized and converted to capital. To make money you need to create surplus value.

Discussion about King Warrior Magician Lover

King Warrior Magician Lover has had a profound influence on my thinking about personal development. The premise of the book is that there are 4 archetypes of masculine behavior which are a part of every man’s behavior. Each archetype has shadow forms if it has not properly developed leading to psychological dysfunction. This is one of the simpler and intuitive theory of psychology that I have come across. It does not provide a complete explanation but can give a new perspective to think about becoming the best man you can be.

Why do I blog?

For the same reason a painter paints and a singer sings. For creative expression. I view my blog as a work of art made of the electronic word. I enjoy making posts and expressing my view points. Blogging has certainly been an educational process so far and I am sure it will continue to challenge…

Joe’s Dream

So this is how it ends he thought. In the room a full platoon had their guns fixed on him. The captain’s clothes revealed his rank. He doesn’t fear being sniped Joe thought. He had no choice but to surrender.