This Blog has Moved

I finally decided on getting my own hosting. I am leaving this up cuz I have links that lead to it but I am not going to be making new posts here. Instead visit my new domain I am really enjoying the options I have with self hosted wordpress. I also got the email…

Joe’s Dream

So this is how it ends he thought. In the room a full platoon had their guns fixed on him. The captain’s clothes revealed his rank. He doesn’t fear being sniped Joe thought. He had no choice but to surrender.

Joe’s Saturday

“He’s not showing up, he’s too busy cuddling with his princess” says Eli. “Yeah I know, but still, lets give him 5 minutes just in case” reasons Joe.

“Can you believe that guy? Blowing off training for that broad”

“He did well, he deserves to have some fun”

An Evening with Eve

“Not everyday your knight in shining armor comes to rescue you” Eli says to Eve. An sliver of silence answers Eli’s question. “He’s my hero!” Eve beaming at Evan.

Conflict in the Mall: A Friday Afternoon for Joe

The big guy in a clam manner says “So you think you’re tough?” to Joe. He walks up, hands by his waist, palms showing. A cocky gesture that pisses Joe off. The big man continues “I’ll show you tough” as he walks into range without protecting himself. Joe fires a right, rocking him.