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I finally decided on getting my own hosting. I am leaving this up cuz I have links that lead to it but I am not going to be making new posts here. Instead visit my new domain I am really enjoying the options I have with self hosted wordpress. I also got the email…

Common Ground by Justin Trudeau

Common Ground is an auto biographical work written by the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau published a year before winning the election for the post. In the book Justin provides an open and honest view into his personal life and political values. I would strongly recommend this book to any Canadian interested in politics….

George Carlin Sums it All Up

This is the most educational, thought provoking, passionate speech I’ve seen.

This guy knows how to think and play on emotions. I hope to be as good at self-expression as he is one day.

The Decline of Honour: Honour as Political Policy

Standards for male honour are generally consistent throughout all cultures. Honour has always been associated with warriors. Battle requires group cohesion and unity for a side to be victorious. A man’s place in the social hierarchy will be based on his abilities compared to his peers. This creates a competitive atmosphere in which each man wants to prove himself so he can earn the most respect. Once the hierarchy has been formed it is generally stable.

On “Victim Culture”

I am not going to tell anyone their problems aren’t important or that they are being weak or whatever since I can not know what they have been through so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. Still bad things happen to everyone and we all have our problems. Please try to be tough and focus on the good things is my advice.

Thoughts on the Downed Russian Jet

I think the USA should cooperate with Russia to squash ISIS and bring peace to the area so all these refugees can go home. After that have an election so the Syrian people choose the Syrian president.

The Prince in Hell: Machiavelli’s Legacy

What seems to go largely unmentioned in the analyses I’ve read is Machiavelli’s focus on being accepted as the people as a solid foundation for your political body. A good ruler will not interfer with its citizens property and will allow them to earn a comfortable living. People who like being ruled by the prince will not conspire to kill him and the prince enjoys great protection from being overthrown. People need to really dislike the prince before they will cooperate with others in conspiracy since the risks are so great and the rewards are questionable.

A Consideration on Gun Control

The only people who should die should be the people who decide to use a weapon against another person’s life. vAny one who wields a firearm should have the understanding that society may punish those who misuse this responsibility and privilege with punishments as severe as the death penalty. If you are going to use…