This Blog has Moved

I finally decided on getting my own hosting. I am leaving this up cuz I have links that lead to it but I am not going to be making new posts here. Instead visit my new domain I am really enjoying the options I have with self hosted wordpress. I also got the email…

The Talos Principle: Game Review

“Even the most faithful philosopher can not live without his blood”~The Talos Principle The Talos Principle is an amazing puzzle game with a philosophical story. It received overwhelmingly positive reviews all around. I got it on steam sale for 75% of, which was a bargain. It was so good I bought it as a gift…

My View on Religion

Since I have a few articles dealing with religious subject matter I offer this clarification. I feel faith has a big impact on culture and it is important to understand regardless how you feel about it.   I don’t identify with any religion. I’ve read and studied the bible a bit. I think it has…

Why Expectation of the After Life is a Sin: What Your Pastor Never Told You

“Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone; but if it dies it bears much fruit” John 12:24 ESV
Very frequently I see people assuming they will be admitted into the afterlife, as if they are entitled to such a glorious gift. Consider this passage from Luke 13:22-30

Thoughts on Chess

  Chess is an iconic game of the western intellectual. It is simple to learn the rules but very hard to master. Since most people know how to play it but don’t understand the game on a deeper level I thought I would try to explain it. I am a decent player (1580 on…

Awesome Musings

Free content isn’t really free since consuming it takes up time and is an opportunity cost. The artist must develop himself such that the experience they provide is worth more than the time it takes to consume it. Any extra value can be monetized and converted to capital. To make money you need to create surplus value.

Why do I blog?

For the same reason a painter paints and a singer sings. For creative expression. I view my blog as a work of art made of the electronic word. I enjoy making posts and expressing my view points. Blogging has certainly been an educational process so far and I am sure it will continue to challenge…

Review of The Legend of Heros: Trails in the Sky

If you are a fan of the JRPG genre I would strongly recommend this game. This is one of the best I’ve played and I’ve played a lot of JRPGs.

JRPGs are famous for their excellent music. I think the sound track is one of the most important elements in the genre. It brings the emotions of the dialogue to life and provides a sense of excitement to an otherwise slow paced game. Trails in the Sky has a great sound track

Direction of the Blog

I started this blog without a purpose or direction in mind. I now feel like some reflection is in order. For an immediate goal I want to write a post a day for a week. Each post being somewhat substantial, say at least 500 words. This will hopefully build up my writing skills by making…

Why is Sex a Sin? What Your Pastor Never Told You

“I figured out why there are so many problems and fucked up shit on earth like wars and rape and pollution and how to stop it all if people will listen to me.
People need to stop having hetrosexual intercourse. People could still jerk off or be gay, but hetrosexual sex may lead to life and life leads to many serious problems. If everyone would stop fucking there would be virtually no more man made problems in a hundred years.
Pass this message on and make the world a better place!”

The Living Tradition

My dad wrote a story involving the occult in a contemporary setting. Its not exactly up my alley,  its a pretty good story albeit a bit disjointed at times (not that it is uniquely so). I ended up publishing it on recently figuring it would help him share it with people who want to…