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I finally decided on getting my own hosting. I am leaving this up cuz I have links that lead to it but I am not going to be making new posts here. Instead visit my new domain I am really enjoying the options I have with self hosted wordpress. I also got the email…

Common Ground by Justin Trudeau

Common Ground is an auto biographical work written by the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau published a year before winning the election for the post. In the book Justin provides an open and honest view into his personal life and political values. I would strongly recommend this book to any Canadian interested in politics….

The Spectators: A Picture Book Discussion

First off, I am the kinda guy who judges books by their cover. The Spectators is a beautiful hard cover book that deals with themes of modern philosophy. The spine has a rough texture and the rest of the cover smooth. It has silver text which shines nicely. The pages are also thick and sturdy.¬†Good…

The Reserve | Book Discussion

I liked the concept a lot. If this is considered the author’s bad work his other books must be really good. I would rate The Reserve highly partly because I had very low expectations when I started (it was a buck, the cover wasn’t that interesting and I never heard of Russell Banks).

Discussion about King Warrior Magician Lover

King Warrior Magician Lover has had a profound influence on my thinking about personal development. The premise of the book is that there are 4 archetypes of masculine behavior which are a part of every man’s behavior. Each archetype has shadow forms if it has not properly developed leading to psychological dysfunction. This is one of the simpler and intuitive theory of psychology that I have come across. It does not provide a complete explanation but can give a new perspective to think about becoming the best man you can be.

My 3 Take Aways From Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is a medium length novel dealing with the mind set required to excel as a s leader. Ender is trainined from a young age in to become the best commander the earth has ever had. I am not going to review so much so plot spoilers start now. *Spoiler Alert* I really enjoyed…

Book Discussion | Book of Numbers:A Novel

Joshua Cohen is an egotistical drug and porn addicted failure. In other words he’s a normal guy. He is not a likable character and we get to know him well since the book is portrayed as his diary in parts. Principal, on the other hand, is an eccentric genius type. He is the founder of which is essentially google in the book. Principal is extremely rich and equally as weird.