Book Discussion

I like to read so expect this to have fairly consistent entries. Recommendations on what to read will be considered. I have an eclectic taste of books so anything is fair game, I’ll read books I don’t like even. Please include a reason for your recommendation if you are going to leave one.

The first part will be a spoiler free review to help you decide if you want to read the book or not. If you don’t think you are going to read the book or aren’t concerned about spoilers or have already read it read the rest of the article. I’ll be focused on the ideas and concepts I got out of the book that can be applied to other areas.

Non-fiction books that are intended to educate can’t really be spoiled in my opinion so I’ll go straight into the main concepts. 

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I have a good portion of that set in the picture, my dad got it has a birthday present for me. He got a good deal on it because it wasn’t complete, took the books he wanted out of it, gave some away and gave me the rest. I think I am missing 16 or so out of the 52. Reading Don Quixote by Cervantes inspired me to read regularly. I also found The Brothers Karamazov from it. Those are my two favorite novels and I recommended them to avid readers (they are both long). Its a cool set of book although most of them are pretty dense. It has Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica it for example. Only a relatively small number of books from it are entertaining to read but its a great resource to step up your mental game.