About Me

I am a pen spinner turned philosopher. I also like to box. I am on a quest to become awesomer everyday

Read my blog to gain knowledge and wisdom. If you study hard good things happen.

I hope my writing will help you acquire happiness in this life and the next.

My recommendations to start with are:

The Prince in Hell: Machiavelli’s Legacy  (Most viewed post)

Daily Posts (The entertaining section)

Stories (My fictional endeavors)

Personal Posts (If you actually want to learn more about me)

You can also look by categories at the top or bottom of the page.

 My Youtube channel  (mostly pen spinning)

Note that most of the pictures I use for my blog I find off of google images. If you see your picture and want credit for it or whatever leave a comment. I am not making any money off of this blog so I can’t exactly offer royalties  ;(






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