A Blog Post Mainly About Blogging

Having a blog has been an educational experience. Its great to have creative freedom the written word brings. I haven’t done one of these style posts for a while and have come a long way since my last one. This will be a musing style post where I don’t guarantee continuity between paragraphs. 

Looking back on my blog this month feel like the longest month in my life. Its been theorized that your long term memory’s sense of time is based on what is in it. Many of the ideas presented I would have forgot I had if I didn’t look through it. I look at my blog in a sense of disbelief it has been less than 2 months since I thought about starting it. I look at other blogs and see they might have 30 articles in a year where as this while this will be my 39th. I wonder if this stretching of time is common with people who look back through their daily writing or if its the novelty of blogging, only time will tell I suppose.

For example it feels like I played Trails in the Sky a life time ago. I published my review the day after beating it. Its a pretty crazy feeling having this daily record of yourself to look back on. 

I am happy with the aesthetics of my blog. It was easy to make look this way, it is a ready made free Dryad theme. WordPress is pretty amazing software. I started to notice many businesses use it for their website. Its cool knowing I would be able to manage the web portion of a business at least with wordpress.

My buddy T-son had a good idea about starting a FB page. His blog is bjjfourlife.com. I am grateful for knowing so many people who give me good ideas like this. Having a facebook page has changed the way I view social media. The page is a great way so I can show people who are interested and not spam the people who aren’t. 

Writing is the first time a skill has felt easy to me from the start. I suspect this is because all the effort learning it was in elementary school and I can’t really remember how hard it was to learn. Its cool because most people are literate and have computer accesses so its something everyone does to a degree.

On an unrelated topic, before my concluding paragraph. They are starting a MMA class with a focus on take downs and no-gi! Which is the grappling I am interested in learning. I am in awe of how deep BJJ knowledge goes. As much as I would love to learn more about gi grappling I am most interested when strikes are involved. I think this is since I watch a lot more boxing/MMA than BJJ. The best part of the new class is that it comes with the privilege of helping out Kid Lightning train for his upcoming fight!

Blogs are an amazing platform and make for a cool reminder of what you were into. I would strongly recommended trying blogging if you feel curious about it. Considering I paid nothing for WordPress or hosting so far this is the cheapest hobby I’ve ever had. This is significant when I am an ex pen spinner. A more expensive custom pen may cost ~$20 and be good enough to compete at the highest level with for example (Dr.KT ftw!). They do offer paid versions and you can get your own hosting and what not but I am happy without having to be bothered by any of that. I’d considering paying for it and finding my own hosting if I ever tried to monetize it though. Its cool how much value they can provide for free, I highly recommend WordPress for making any kind of website. I’ve read into their philosophy behind their company and am inspired by their vision.   




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