Joe’s Dream

Joe’s platoon was wiped out. Joe ordered his squad to flee but they were gunned down by a machine gun shortly after. Joe was operating as an individual now and he had to run.

He seemed to have lost his pursuers for now and figured he could hide in a cave he saw. He entered and ran deep into the cave. They’ll never find me in here thought Joe. I’ll wait a while. They can’t search for me without risking getting shot themselves. It is was a real war zone finally. Joe felt a stark contrast from his feelings at the start of the mission. Finally a chance to blow up terrorists he used to think. Now he’s praying to not to be blown up himself. War is not like the movies.

He decides to explore deeper into the cave. Slowly now with his flashlight. He saw tracks going in deeper and tracks leaving. If he was thinking straight he would have realized the potential danger but he wasn’t. He felt compelled to explore the cave despite the danger signs. He soon comes to a large door he opens.

His heart sunk into the ground. So this is how it ends he thought. In the room a full platoon had their guns fixed on him. The captain’s clothes revealed his rank. He doesn’t fear being sniped Joe thought. He had no choice but to surrender. Joe drops his weapon and raises his hand. The captain motions for his men to stand down and for Joe to enter the room.

The man’s face was warm and fatherly. All the experience to be had in life were on etched onto his face. His eyes showed compassion and understanding. Joe felt more love for his executioner than his own father.

Joe bowed. Child’s pose his yoga instructor called it, he didn’t understand when she did. Now Joe sees the wisdom of the ancients. Now I can be granted a painless death.

I am just a drop in the ocean Joe knew. An incomprehensibly small particle in an infinite universe. Each particle interacts with all the other particles to form the universe. I am nothing and I am everything.

Joe woke up to the sun sneaking through his window. It was Sunday morning; his day of rest.

To read the start of Joe’s story click:  here


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