An Evening with Eve

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*I do not recommend reading this or the next part. Skip to Joe’s Dream instead Its character development for the sake of character development and I am not continuing the story.*



“You guys will never guess what happened!” proclaims Evan as he walks into the basement apartment. Inside Joe and Eli are sitting on the couch with a spot between them, Lana is sitting on the love seat beside Johnny. Also there is a old vacant chair. All the seating is arranged around a wooden coffee table. A medium sized TV is mounted on the wall opposite the couch. Its a small but cozy place.

Behind Evan is a cute girl with dyed blonde hair, a slim figure, looking like she’s in her early twenties. Joe doesn’t trust her, but he can’t tell why exactly.

“And who’s this?” Joe questioning Evan.

“This is Eve, I just met her” Evan responds with a great deal of excitement, much more than a simple introduction warrants.

“So you brought her over to my place…” Johnny says with an annoyed tone

“C’mon dude, she has nowhere else to go” responds Evan

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to intrude or anything, its just…” says Eve

“Its cool, I was just giving Evan a hard time, come, sit down. Do you want a beer?” Johnny replies with an a sense of kindness in his voice.

Eve takes the spot on the couch leaving the chair for Evan. Johnny finishes his beer and walks to the fridge. “What happened to you?! And I thought I was having a bad day” as Eve sees Eli’s freshly broken nose and darkening eyes. “Oh this is nothing, just got into a bit of a scrap is all” responds Eli calmly looking into Eve’s hazel eyes. Eve stares right back “You should learn to fight better” “it was a lucky shot, I destroyed the other guy” Eli responds quickly, keeping his cool. “How did you run into Evan?” Eli noticed a small mark on Eve’s face and was beginning to piece the story together before anyone spoke.

“It was crazy man” Evan interjects “So I was walking back here and I see this couple fighting, I wasn’t going to get involved or nothing but the guy seemed really aggressive, looked like a real douche bag so I payed attention. I got a bit closer in case something happened. Sure enough the asshole hit her. So I was like “Hey man you can’t hit a lady” and he was like “This slut ain’t no lady, mind your own business” so I was like “Do you know who I am?” as I walk up he walks up to me. He tries to throw a hay maker, the guy knew nothing about fighting. I picked him apart so he tries to take me down. I take him down, get the top position and wreck him. That’s how I met Eve.”

“That’s my boy, you’re learning well” says Joe.

“So uh, anyway, Eve has no place to go, she can’t go back and stay with her boyfriend. She’s from out of town, she moved here to be with him, so she has no family or nothing here so I figured she can stay at my place” says Evan.

“Not everyday your knight in shining armor comes to rescue you” Eli says to Eve. A sliver of silence answers Eli’s question. “He’s my hero!” Eve beaming at Evan.

The group talks, drinks and eats re-heated double cheese burgers for the evening. They talk about nothing in particular and enjoy their time together. No one asks about Eve’s ex-boyfriend and she doesn’t tell. Eve is gifted with the ability to talk without revealing what really on her mind. A stark contrast with Evan who is showing signs of infatuation and intoxication. The evening passes and night begins.

“I should be headed home” says Joe

“Yeah us to” says Evan “Its not that far from here Eve”

Joe, Eve and Evan put their shoes on. “Later.” “It was so nice to meet you, thank you so much for everything” and “Peace” were the respective farewells of the party.

Outside has gotten noticeably cooler since the sun set. Not cold enough for frost, but close.

“Why does it have to be so cold” complains Eve. Her complaint goes unanswered. After the group has walked for a bit Joe springs “So has he hit you before?” on Eve “no, not really, I mean he’s always had a bit of a temper but he never hit me like that before, I don’t know what got into him” “so in other words, yes” this makes Eve defensive “You know what mister, its none of your business, I was in love, who are you to judge? You should be more of a gentleman like Evan here” Joe was strategic in his antagonism. “Later you two, be safe” Joe says as he turns down his street, Evan and Eve had to go the opposite way. Eve didn’t say anything back and Evan was so concerned about how Eve was feeling so he didn’t say anything either. “What a jerk! Why are you friends with a guy like that?” Eve complains to Evan. “He’s a nice guy once you get to know him, he just tries to look like a tough guy all the time” Evan responds. “He should learn some manners from you” “He did teach me how to fight, don’t let him get under your skin like that”. Evan nervously puts his arm around Eve now that they were alone. “You sure know how to convince a lady” Eve says flirtatiously. Evan’s 1 bedroom apartment was a short walk away where they consummated their fateful encounter.

Meanwhile Joe reached his place. He noticed his Dad’s truck in the driveway. As he walks in the door he hears “Where the fuck have you been?” from his dad. “I was hanging out with some friends, its Friday night”. Joe can tell his dad has been drinking, he’s always drinking it seems. “Your supper is in the fridge”. Curious Joe checks the fridge to find an A&W bag in the mostly empty fridge. “Thanks dad, I just ate so I’ll have it for breakfast” “The fries are going to taste like shit”. Joe understood why his dad was so rude when he walked in, he tried to do something nice. Its a shame he’s such a miserable cunt. Even when he tries to be nice he ends up being a jerk. Joe gets ready for bed leaving his dad alone with his action movies and whiskey. Joe reads a bit before going to sleep. He never liked reading but he understood he has to train his mind as well as his body if he’s going to be successful on his mission. He reads “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer. A passage lodges itself into his memory “Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Odd choice of names. Girl flashing nipples and preaching holy war with me is called Eve. Nice bod but… some very different ideas.


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