Conflict in the Mall: A Friday Afternoon for Joe

Joe placed the McDonalds bag with 2 dozen double cheese burgers on the table

Instantly 3 sets of hands are reaching for burgers.

“You’re the best Joe!” said Evan, a tall and thin 17 year old with brown bangs that nearly reach his eyes. He was the same height as Joe but weighed 20 lbs less and was half the fighter. Evan has hung around Joe long enough to know that Joe will buy supper in exchange for flattery. Generosity is why Evan continues to hang out with Joe despite their differences.

Eli said “Thanks” as he reached for a burger. Eli was more similar to Joe. He was a couple inches shorter but weighed as much as Joe, 185. Eli was a grappler, Joe was a striker. Eli liked training, Joe liked fighting. After graduating high school Eli moved to the city where he met Joe and his friends at the start of summer.

The third set of hands were Lana’s. No words, just a smile and some cleavage to show her appreciation for Joe. It was a cool day in early autumn, making Lana’s lack of attire look out of place. The place they were eating at was Johnny’s basement apartment. Johnny was working. Lana was Johnny’s girlfriend. Lana went to the fridge and got everyone a beer. Boxer, the beer of champions.

Joe wasn’t much of a drinker but he wasn’t going to turn it down in front of his everyone. He would have preferred it if they would have bought the second cheapest beer instead of the cheapest however.

The guys ate in relative silence while Lana went on about some retarded service clerk who wouldn’t let her return the make up she used but didn’t like. Then she went on about retarded drivers and retarded people in general. Thank the gods for Lana. She’s a modern day female Socrates. A true intellectual and a lady.

Joe threw the remaining burgers in the fridge. He then walked over to the door and put on his shoes. Evan and Eli both got up with half eaten burgers and put on their shoes. Lana wanted to come but Joe said no. Not in words but with a look. They were going to workout and Lana wanted nothing to do with work.

Evan was visibly nervous at the thought of their workout today. He hadn’t been training for as long as Joe and Eli and wasn’t sure if he could keep up. Eli was excited at the challenge. As for Joe this was just a normal Friday.

The mall was a 5 minute walk away. A silent ritual where they boys had to put one foot in front of the other enough times to become a trinity.

When they got to the mall they were curious who they were going to train with tonight. Only Joe knew who they were.

A group of 3 were approaching from the front. An E-Mo looking kid with two of his more normal looking friends. They all looked to be around 15. Joe knew these kids wouldn’t be down for an impromptu training session but figured they could help them warm up.

“Nice jeans, faggot.” Joe projected at the E-Mo. The kids stood like deer in headlights. Pussy shit thought Joe. “You’re looking more like your sister every day.” Puzzled deer in headlights now. “I bet you get more cock than she does dressing like that, fag.” A response finally, the E-mo and the chunky one in discordant unison “I…I don’t want any trouble, I don’t even have a sister” and “What the fuck is your problem man? We don’t even know you” respectively. Joe retorts “Get the fuck out of here and dress like a man.” letting the kids walk away.

Evan and Eli both feel the sudden buzz of adrenaline when they finally recognize their training partners. A group of 4 farther down has heard their leader’s verbal exchange and are looked rather righteous. Those must be the guys. Joe acknowledges them but does not say anything letting them approach.

One looks big, around 200 of muscle and very confidant. Another around 185 taller and skinnier than Eli that looks like he will be a good match for. The 2 others are both smaller than Evan and only look confidant because of their friends. Evan is scared that they are out numbered. Eli is happy he to see how his striking has developed since working with Joe.

The big guy in a clam manner says “So you think you’re tough?” to Joe. He walks up, hands by his waist, palms showing. A cocky gesture that pisses Joe off. The big man continues “I’ll show you tough” as he walks into range without protecting himself. Joe fires a right, rocking him. The man stumbles back. Joe grabs the big man’s head and brings it to his knee repeatedly.

Meanwhile, after Joe threw the first punch, Eli takes a swing at his mark but gets countered with a jab and his taller opponent backs up to keep his range. Eli knew he this was going to be a good test. Eli fakes his left, driving a hard right to the body. He tries to finish his combo with a hook, but comes up short as his partner backs up. His partner returns the favor with a hook, right, hook combo. Eli looked away from the right turning into the last hook, crushing his nose. So much for strikes thinks Eli. In his pain he grabs his opponent by the legs. “GAME OVER BITCH!” He cries out as he suplexes his opponent into the hard mall floor. His favorite finisher.

Evan and the 2 smaller guys just awkwardly look at each other, horrified by what they are witnessing. A fight breaking out so quickly during the afternoon at the mall. Evan only fights if he has to. The 2 other guys seem to understand this. Evan sees the security guards of the mall running towards them. “Security!” Evan announces, initiating the never discussed, never rehearsed secret escape plan Joe expected them to know. They made a beeline for the exit and split up in the adjacent neighborhood. Eli left a trail of blood and ended up using his shirt to stop the bleeding of his broken nose.

Joe is the first one to arrive back at Johnny’s place. This was a normal Friday for Joe so Johnny and Lana never suspected what happened at the mall until Eli showed up. Eli ditched his shirt and cleaned up in a McDonald’s bathroom on his walk of course. Lana, noticing Eli’s new badge of honor, a crooked swollen nose and developing black eyes, demanded an explanation. Eli was elusive in his answers and Joe played along. Joe and Eli were enjoying Lana’s sense of disbelief. Evan walked in proclaiming “You guys will never guess what happened!”



Next Part *not recommended*


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